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From sidewalks to bridges...while selling cement for 21+ years, I gained invaluable experience with soil cement stabilization, geotechnical applications, cast-in-place concrete (including analyzing  fresh and hardened properties) AND masonry operations/practices plus an overall knowledge of  construction processes in addition to promoting new products and placing my customers best interest in the forefront. Win, win squared is the only outcome worth pursuing. I believe in treating others as I want to be treated.

In addition to consulting on concrete matters, during the last 5 years I have delved into repping and selling more concrete accessories like Xypex's C-500, steel & synthetic fibers (as a distributor for FabPro I am far more competitive than a rep in a company car making commission), Stego vapor barrier/retardant (Wrap, Crawl and accessories) and even CO2 water treatment systems, reclaimers, containment and washout systems.

I have  certifications with ACI Level I, KCA Level II plus training with PCA and NMCA.

I've participated as a member of the Illinois Ready Mix Concrete Association in addition to Indiana Ready Mix, Kentucky Concrete, CSI chapters in Louisville and Nashville ( I have my CDT certification) plus I am active with  AGC of TN.  

I have been on-site to numerous INDOT and KTC job-sites, testing and communicating the needs of the agency with the producer then helping the producer conform to the needs in a safe, productive and profitable manner. 

My business is targeted at cement users in IL, IN, KY,  and TN and am proud to offer several products in addition to consulting services and training. 

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Lines I represent

Lines I represent

Applied Technologies Systems CO2 water treatment and reclaimers